Website Development & Design

I made my website on squarespace.com. and it was really easy to do. The templates are nice and simple, and most importantly, they are very customisable. I decided to create my own domain name through squarespace because web design boggles my mind, so I made it easy for myself in general. I am overall really happy with the result, and I have managed to create something really simple that will show of my work.

My about page leads the viewer to my personal statement, along with my experience, that will hopefully be added to within the next few months.

The work click through option leads the viewer to a simple scroll down format where the project description is on the side at the top. I wanted the designs to be able to be seen easily, and for the project description to be readable. My project pages all have a rollover brief name, which is what I wanted originally.

The email page takes the viewer straight to their mail box where they can email me from there. 

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