Why Am I Here What Do I Want To Learn?

Layout and editorial

This is an area I haven't yet concentrated on, but really appeals to me. It feel like proper graphic design to me, even though it isn't! I like the idea of having the constraint of the format, but allowing for creativity within that. It is almost easier to be more creative when there is constraints because then I know what the limits are. A lot of information needs to be dealt with often when designing for editorial and layout and so placing this information is the challenge. I like seeing layouts where the text feels like it sits in just the right places, and functions for the needs of the reader.


Why Am I Here What Do I Want To Learn?

Book cover design


• Book industry
• Education

Book cover design does have similarities to vinyl cover artwork, but differs slightly in the needs of the client. The concept for creating a book cover can be up for interpretation, and the story and feel of the book needs to be conveyed in some way on the cover. A wide range of methods and processes can be used to create book covers.


Why Am I Here What Do I Want To Learn?

Vinyl artwork


• Music industry

The scope for conceptual designs is the widest in this area that I am attracted to. Art direction is also something that can come into play when creating vinyl cover artwork. They can be completely image based, and the image can be graphic, photographic or more arts and crafts based.

Why Am I Here What Do I Want To Learn?

Printed collateral for retail and food/eatery's


• Restaurant & cafe's

Printed material for cafe's and restaurants may include menu's, leaflet, wall graphics, tote bags, wrapping, bags, recipe cards, napkins and many others. The options for creativity lies in the stock and productions methods used to make the products. They have to relate to the rest of the branding and fit into the design of the business, and again this is something that can be challenging when conveying information, but it's something that I really like the idea of doing.


Why Am I Here What Do I want To Learn?

Brand building


• Food
• Eatery's
• Retail

Branding is an area I am so interested in, and creating an appropriate range of products that suits the needs of the business they represent. The food & drink sector is the area I am most interested in designing for. Many different products can be produced for this area of design, and the scope to create and design for different objects is fun to explore. From logo design to packaging, and even art direction this is a huge area to have design skills in, and it is the area I want to work towards specialising in.


Why Am I Here What Do I Want To Learn?

Logo & identity

This design can transfer itself across all sector platforms.

Logo and identity are the components needed before other collateral can then be designed for. The identity of a company is so important although I am aware that many logo design briefs can be completed within a day or a couple of hours. The logo however it has been designed needs to represent a company first and foremost, and this is a really important part of building an identity. This is an area I wasn't fully aware of before this course, or even the second year, and so now I know the difference between logo and identity, and identity and branding I can concentrate on particular areas, and they can influence eachother.