Samples Of Work: The Foreign Policy

The Foreign Policy

I'm in two minds as to whether I actually like this or not, however the name has influenced the design and it does communicate the concept well. It is easy to understand, and plays on a fun concept.


Samples Of Work: Jason Booth

Jason Booth

Graduate show invite.

I struggled to find loads of these samples of work, but this one stood out to me as a simplistic design that functions well. It is not a business card but an invitation to a graduate show, and as it is small enough to fit into a wallet, it is more likely to be kept and not thrown away.


Visiting Professionals: The Democratic Lecture

The Democratic Lecture, by Crag Oldham.

It started off with a lot of swearing, and it finished with even more. Craig came in and delivered a really interesting, and brutally honest talk about his own experience within the graphic design industry, and he passed on some useful information for design etiquette and general do's and don'ts. I was a bit skeptical about this talk, and I thought it might be more of a niche taste, going off the titles of the lectures.

The lecture about 'the importance of tea' went onto the subject of placements, how to act politely when on one, and how to approach getting one. He explained that you may end up being a very good assistant in tea making and handing biscuits around, but on the other hand it may lead you to learn a great deal, and be beneficial to personal development.

His own experience breeds from the confidence he has in himself, and when presenting work it should be good quality, and for example if you can't photograph work well, mock it up in photoshop. He showed his own work from his degree, and explained that he mocked his up due to him lacking skills in photography of work. He went onto his own personal likes and dislikes, and when presenting work certain ways of placing printed pieces annoy him, and so it made me think about how presenting work could potentially make or break getting a placement or a job. This is something I consider now. A portfolio should be a relatively small selection of best work, and along with a strong portfolio, an upbeat and excited attitude always gets attention over someone that isn't interesting or personable.

There are a lot of things that Craig brought up within the lecture that made me think about how I need to present myself, and I think I now have the knowledge for when I will be ready to start contacting professionals for a placement. Im not quite ready yet, but the lecture gave me some vital pointers for when I might be, and when I get there I'll know how to make a brew. (As if I can't make one already!) I came away from the lecture feeling like I was let in on some secrets about the industry I want to work in, and I feel better off from going to it.

On another note, the overall luminous branding and identity for The Democratic Lecture works well with the subject. I don't particularly like the typeface used for the titles, but it still works with the bright colour, and publication design. The open bind is lovely, and crafting shown openly shows off the printers skill in their craft as well. this shows a nice unison between craftsmanship and design.

Wish I bought the book when I was there now.


Samples Of Work: Studio EMMI

Studio EMMI

Printed on environmentally friendly paper with vegetable ink.

EMMI have designed a publication that showcases their work. It has a point of difference in it's eco credentials. It has been nicely designed however it doesn't excite me.


Samples Of Work: K.P.D.O.

K.P.D.O. is an identity designed for Kerry Phelan Design Office, a newly-formed, interior design studio in Melbourne.

This is not a designer promoting themselves, however it is a great example of how a designer has created promotional material for someone else, and this same format could be used as a designers personal promotional project. Im not sure if that envelopes have a function and whether they post the business cards in them but they are so appealing to me, even though the entire branding is so simple. Design does not necessarily need to be complicated.