Manifesto: Promo Pack Research

Format design research for my 'promo pack'.

For the promo pack I have designed a manifesto that anyone can apply to themselves, and to make people smile. I wanted to make the manifesto a kind of envelope, as it will comprise of double sided A6 postcards.

For a print project, I want the manifesto to feel laboured over, and it will be a pop of colour to, so the idea of opening a coloured box to reveal a colourful manifesto appeals to me. The quality of the materials used to make it should echo the design of the manifesto too.

Simplicity is what I have gone for, and I want the colour to by simple and eye catching.

The manifesto also needs to feel personal to whoever receives it, so the box needs to feel nice to open.

I have been really inspired by the Glasgow Press promo pack that they made available for around £5. A beautifully letter pressed piece of work depicting image based typography inspired by songs. The pack felt a pleasure to handle and open, and so this is the kind of feeling I want people to have when they receive it.

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